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NWDInterestingWorld Meteorological Day Dedicated to Climate and Water Resources

World Meteorological Day Dedicated to Climate and Water Resources

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Climate change has a significant impact on water resources, which impair sustainability and security of humanity. However, data on water resources are scattered and incomplete, unlike information on temperature rise, which is coordinated at the international level.

Therefore, this year’s celebrations are both devoted to climate and water. One of the main messages is that it is impossible to manage the things that cannot be monitored and measured. Unfortunately, we all know this well because of the ongoing pandemic of coronavirus infection, COVID-19.

The aim of bringing together two international events is to increase the role and importance of water in the climate change debate. Official ceremonies and events will be rescheduled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic this year.

Water is life, the WMO notes.

A man cannot live without water for more than three days. 3 billion people around the world do not have the basic tools to wash their hands, under the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic. More than one third of the world’s population live with extremely limited water resources, and about four billion people annually experience severe water shortages.

Global need in fresh water will grow by a third by 2050 than it is today. The majority of the rivers and freshwater reservoirs are transboundary. Laws of one region often entail consequences for other countries in the field of water resources management. This makes water one of the geopolitical factors in international relations.

WMO Has Set Eight Long-Term Ambitious Water-Related Goals:

  • No one will be caught unawares by the flood.
  • Drought preparedness for all has been ensured.
  • Food security is ensured by data from meteorological services.
  • Scientific activity is supported by high-precision indicators.
  • Science provides a solid foundation for operational hydrology.
  • We have systemic knowledge of the planet’s water resources.
  • Full hydrological information contributes to sustainable development.

World Meteorological Day is celebrated annually on 23 March to commemorate the entry into force of the WMO Convention establishing the World Meteorological Organization on 23 March 1950.

This day emphasizes the important contribution of natural resources monitoring services to safety and well-being of society, with festive events taking place around the world.

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