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NWDInterestingWorld Elephant Day

World Elephant Day


Everybody knows that elephants are very smart, family, and have a great memory. Their society has a very wide range of emotions that allow them to feel joy and delight, empathy, and grief. That’s what makes people delight in these great animals. They demonstrate the best qualities of the human soul. But human attitudes show the worst in human behavior.

A huge number of elephants die violently every year at the hands of greedy poachers who leave the bodies to rot in the sun.

World Elephant Day is a great opportunity to learn more about these amazing animals and what mankind can do to preserve and protect their lives.

Ivory exceeds the price of gold, which makes the elephant poacher`s target. Especially in Africa, where poverty is high. People can often make money by selling ivory. That was the motive for the first World Elephant Day. In honor of this event, the film “Return to the Forest” tells about the relocation of captive Asian elephants to their natural habitat in Thailand.

The high demand for ivory from rich countries makes the number of poachers and their activities a major problem for elephants. Their habitats are being destroyed, depriving them of the food they need. This makes it easier for poachers to find them. One hundred years ago, there were over 12 million of them, and today there are about 390,000. Poachers kill up to 20,000 elephants every year.

In nine years, the number of elephants has decreased by 30 percent. Illegal poaching is a major threat. Although there are large parks in Africa, they still can’t cope with poaching.

elephant in the desert

World Elephant Day is an occasion to think about what can be changed with respect to these animals. There are quite a few solutions to this problem. Land reclamation, electric fences to keep elephants away from farms, all of which can help extend life.

Politicians and superstars are also interested in this problem. Barack Obama, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ashley Judda are expressing their support for the issue.

If you want to be a part of the holiday, you need to learn more about these creatures and share them with others. Many more people will know about the problem and perhaps someone will have the opportunity to influence and correct the situation. Simply spreading the word on social media can make a real difference.

Unfortunately, elephants are being deployed around the world and someone you know may see a social networking post and think about it. Everyone has the opportunity to donate to anti-poacher funds or donation will go to build new elephant houses.

Watch the film which we mentioned, it has very beautiful landscapes and will not take too much time.

Don’t buy ivory stuff. If you buy a musical instrument, rest assured that it is not made of ivory.

Whichever way you choose, spend this day helping elephants around the world to continue to admire their way of life and the emotions they show.

Happy world elephant day from our team.

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