NWDMAN-MADEWhen Chernobyl Be Safe Again?

When Chernobyl Be Safe Again?


In 1986, people were evacuated from the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. This whole huge zone is divided into two parts, one of which is the 10-kilometer part and the rest.

Is Chernobyl Livable?

In 30 years, the situation has improved, and there are places where radiation levels are relatively low, and there are no radiological contraindications. These areas became suitable for use, but there is nothing for people to do there. It is due to the fact that there is no infrastructure that would allow people to live there normally. This situation happens not only in the territory of Chernobyl but also in other regions of the country. However, they did not have such a tragic history of not being near contaminated land. These facts lead us to the conclusion that it makes no sense to return people to these territories.

This area could be used to turn it into a buffer zone between the contaminated part itself and other adjoining areas. It would be possible to build nature reserves to conduct research on this land. The Pripyat area is rich with a variety of plants and animals. The tragedy has made this area incredibly unique and special. Its future is a radiological reserve, which will be a magnet for tourists and scientists.

When Can Humans Live in Chernobyl Again?

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Unfortunately, the 10-km zone will never be habitable for humans again. In the upper layers of the earth, there is a strong level of contamination that will not disappear even in thousands of years. The area is full of elements with very long half-lives, for example, plutonium-239, which will only halve the level of contamination in 25,000 years.

However, nobody excludes that new technologies will appear for this long period of time, which will allow clearing the earth completely from contamination. Until that happens, it is easier to leave everything as it is because today, there is no way to clean the 10-kilometer zone.

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