NWDInterestingWhat Will Happen If a New Ice Age Comes Tomorrow?

What Will Happen If a New Ice Age Comes Tomorrow?

Ice Age Comes Tomorrow

Mankind should be prepared for a new ice age, although they don’t come in one day. Glacial periods occur cyclically and they will plunge the Earth into permafrost one day.

There is scientific evidence that a new mini-glacial period will collapse on Earth in a decade.

But what happens if it starts tomorrow? And how will it affect our civilization and the planet in general?

Many People Will Freeze to Death

The glacial period is characterized by critically low temperatures. Many people will not be ready for such cold and heat-conductive systems will not be able to keep all people warmed.

Seas, Rivers and Canals Will Freeze and Crops Will Die

Mankind will be shattered to pieces. Marine and land supplement will be virtually impossible to keep, leaving most of the population without food and supplies. Frosts will kill crops and all the farm animals. A sharp reduction in food will lead to starvation and almost all land will be impossible to cultivate.

The Northern Hemisphere Will Be Shrinking with an Ice Dome

The ice will cover most of the land in a short period of time. This will cause a massive migration of people and animals to the South. Glaciers will change the face of the planet and make former lands inhospitable.

Ocean Levels Will Drop and New Lands Will Open Up

The level of the World Ocean will drop by 100 to 120 meters, which will make the ports and seaside cities non-functional. New lands will be available for settlement and cultivation.

The Glacial Period Will End

It is not known whether mankind can survive the new Ice Age and fully recover. Some lands will remain virtually untouched. Some of them will change forever. Obviously, the Earth will not be able to feed humanity if the Ice Age happens. But a new Ice Age will not be the end of the world.

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