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NWDWhat to doWhat to Do If Caught in an Avalanche and Tips for Surviving an Avalanche

What to Do If Caught in an Avalanche and Tips for Surviving an Avalanche

avalanche safety

What Is an Avalanche? What to Do If Caught in an Avalanche?

An avalanche is a plane that falls or turns into a steep slope. It moves along mountain slopes and at a speed of 20-30 m / s. The avalanche is gone. The greatest damage is caused by the formation of a tsunami. Avalanche hazardous areas in Russia: the Kola Peninsula, Ural, North.Caucasus, east-west, far east.

Avalanches are caused by heavy snowfall. Storms, earthquakes, explosions, and other human activitiesShake it on the side of the hill to catch the wind. There may be a blizzardDemolition of buildings, engineering structures, heavy snowfallRoads, and mountain roads. Farmers, tourists, climbers, Geological services, border guards, and other categories of the population affected by landslides, You may be injured or stuck in the snow. It will be necessary to look for avalanche safety

What to Do in the Event of an Avalanche and What to Do in the Event of an Avalanche

how to avoid avalanche

How to work in an explosive area. Keep track of the most important Avalanche zone rules for surviving an avalanche:

  • Do not climb mountains during snowfall or bad weather.
  • Watch climate change while in the mountains.
  • When climbing the mountain, you have to find your way or walk to the place of origin. avalanche. Avoid areas where avalanches can occur. They usually goOn slopes above 30 °, there are no bushes and trees, and the slopes are more gentle.20 °. On slopes above 45 °, avalanches are most common during snowfall. During the avalanche, a mine rescue team was formed.

Avalanche survival tips: how to deal with an avalanche. When the avalanche is high enough walk or run to be safe or hide from an avalancheShelf, cavity (cannot be covered with seedlings). AvalancheYou cannot leave, get rid of everything, travel, and set traps. Turn to your stomach on your knees and walk towards the avalanche.

How to Prepare for an Avalanche and What Should You Do?

surviving an avalanche

Avalanches Safety Tips:

  • Cover your nose and mouth with a glove or scarf
  • Use a hand swimmer when going into an avalanche.
  • stay on the surface of the snow and drive to the edge at a slower speed.
  • When it snows stop, try to make room on your face and chest, this will help you breathe.
  • If the option is visible, go to the top (you can specify the top with saliva so that it can flow out of the mouth).
  • Avalanche, don’t scream – snow absorbing sound to the fullest, and screaming and irrational movements deprive you only of strength, oxygen, and heat.
  • Don’t be angry, don’t sleep, remember Another search (some people escaped the landslide on the fifth and thirteenth day).

How to Avoid an Avalanche?

  • 1) protect the respiratory system, cover your nose and mouth with your hand or handkerchief;
  • 2) create a respite, remove snow in front of the eyes and chest;
  • 3) energy saving, shouting is useless – ice absorbs all sound;
  • 4) Try to climb into the yard, measure the top, take the snow under your feet, and hold.

Avalanches Safety Tips TOP 5

  1. First, if possible, take a Level 1 Landscape Safety course, which usually costs around $ 200, but gives you a ton of information, resources, and basic knowledge you need to climb. Most courses include a full day of theoretical avalanche courses, and the next day you will see snow in the mountains and analyze route choices and additional training. If this is not possible, several mountains offer free avalanche rides. These trips are a great way to experience the beauty of nature, but be aware of the avalanche area and its dangers.
  2. How do you know you always have time for photography and Instagram? You will also have time to check the iceberg forecast. Today, there are many quick fixes to problems with snowfall, winds, mountains, forests, and average forest ratings. See these pages
  3. It is very easy for many people to die. If something happens, go with your friends to look away. As a group, you can make informed decisions about which route to take, where to go in the mountains, what to do, and when to land.
  4. Understand, you are not Travis Rice. Driving within your means you are not in a dangerous situation that you cannot resolve. Most of the time, you have an instinct to listen to them!
  5. Most important: lighthouse, map, shovel. Yes, it’s expensive, but if it saves your life or your friend’s life, you will spend a small amount of money. You can find the number of key light packs that will be used to determine the price. Work and buy what suits your priorities and budget.
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