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What to Do during a Hurricane?

During the hurricane, winds blow roofs off buildings, tearing trees out of the ground, tear down fences and other structures. As a result, people are killed and injured. There are more and more destructive hurricanes in the world lately.

We will explain basic hurricane safety tips and what to do if you are caught unprepared at home, outdoors, or in your car.

What to Do in a Hurricane?

hurricanes protection

If You Find Yourself in a Room

In this case, rescuers recommend moving away from windows and taking a safe place near the walls of interior rooms: corridors, bathrooms, closets, toilets. You can also hide in sturdy cabinets or under tables. Turn off the electricity, turn off the gas, and close the vents, windows, and interior doors. It is better to glue the windows crosswise with construction adhesive tape if you have one. It is not necessary to go out on the street. At night, use lanterns, lamps, and candles. Stay indoors until the storm is officially declared over.

The safest places in buildings are in the middle section, the hallways, and on the first floor.

If You Find Yourself on the Street

First of all, you need to follow the safety precautions for the hurricane. Move away from light buildings – billboards, street lamps, bus stops, pavilions. Also, we recommend staying away from bridges, trees, overpasses, and warehouses. On the street, you can get torn slate from the roof, a branch, broken glass, or even a torn road sign. Find a sheet of plywood or a wooden or cardboard box and use them as protection.

Try to find shelter right away: underpasses, subway stations, or sturdy buildings are good for this. A ditch, hole, or ditch will also work.

If You Find Yourself on Open Ground

In this case, follow hurricane safety rules and turn off your phone and other electronic devices. Do not hide under tall, lonely trees. Instead, hide in a hollow, ravine, or other natural depression. Swimming during the elements is not allowed, as well as running or riding a bicycle or motorcycle: they are metal structures and can be struck by lightning.

If You Find Yourself in a Car

It is best not to drive during a hurricane – if the elements catch you on the road, stop and wait out the weather on the roadside or in a parking lot, away from trees, power lines, billboards, bus stops, and other objects that can be blown away by the wind. Close your windows and stay in your car until the storm is over.

What to Do after the Hurricane Is Over

Don’t rush to go outside: the wind may pick up again; wait for the official announcement of the end of the storm to stay safe during the hurricane. Look around as you leave your home – there may be overhanging branches, parts of structures, or broken wires in your path. Do not light a fire until you are sure there is no gas leak. Do not use elevators: the building may have been de-energized.

Outdoors, it is best to look around more carefully and stay away from fallen trees, swinging billboards, broken wires, signs, and other objects.

And Few Hurricane Safety Tips

hurricane precautions
  • Keep the peace, be unique;
  • Provide assistance to the disabled, children, the elderly, and neighbors;
  • Close windows and move away from them;
  • Extinguish the fire in the kitchens, turn off the electricity and gas supply;
  • Take your documents, clothing and essential valuables, food for a few days, drinking water, medicines, lighter, a battery-operated device;
  • Stay in the interior rooms – corridor, bathroom, den, or basement;
  • Turn on the radio or television;
  • Do not try to go to another building – it is not safe;
  • Do not use the elevators; the electrical system can easily be switched on;
  • Crumple tricky buildings and buildings with a tricky door; if the tempest has found you on the street, hide in the basement of the nearest building;
  • If you are in an open area, lean to the ground at the bottom of a pit, ditch, ditch, protecting your head with clothes or tree limbs;
  • Stop if you are driving a car. Do not walk in it, and get out and quickly walk in a solid building or at the bottom of any ditch;
  • Avoid bridges, overpasses, pipelines, power lines, waterways, potentially hazardous industrial facilities, and trees;

Do not approach the water to watch the storm.

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