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What Is a Haboob

what is a haboob

Are you ready to know all about dust storms that are called haboobs? Continue reading our article to know why they are called like that, what are their peculiarities and distinctive features.

What Is a Haboob: Definition And Meaning

Do you want to define haboob? You must believe your eyes because they are not tricking you. A haboob is a real meteorological phenomenon that happens during the monsoon season over the southwestern part of the United States. Haboobs are described as a massive wave of blowing dust and dirt. This wall is commonly made of the outflow of a heavy thunderstorm. It has a lot in common with a dust storm. Haboobs can be a reason for a rapid drop in down for about 0 miles in a matter of several minutes or even less.

Haboob Meaning: Key Points

haboob meaning
  • Haboobs are dust storms created by strong winds flowing downward and outside from thunderstorms.
  • Logically, without thunderstorms and dust haboobs can’t be created.
  • Sand storm haboub term comes from Sudan: it was originally describing those Sudan’s severe dust storms that mostly occurred over Saharan Dessert and other arid regions closely located to it.
  • According to the American Meteorological Society Glossary, the term is obtained from the Arabic word “habb” which determines wind.
  • Haboob weather is characterized by strong winds, dry and polluted air by dust and dirt that is flying in the region.
  • Haboobs are most typical during the summer season in the United States. Mostly, in the second half of July and August.
  • Because of the spectacular view they make, haboubs are extremely popular among tourists. They like to take photos and put their lives in danger without any purpose.
  • Haboobs can be up to about 10,000 feet high;
  • Sand thunderstorms live only about 10-30 minutes. Some of the stronger ones can last up to several hours and progress over 100 miles.

What Are Dust Storms in Phoenix Called?

The phoenix dust storm name belongs to the massive monsoon storms in the United States. Did you hear about dust storm madness in Arizona? This is infamous.

Where Haboobs Have Mostly Occurred?

Middle East, North America, Australia, Middle East. Moreover, haboobs spread beyond our planet. For example, they occur in Titan and Mars.

Thank you for reading the article to the end! We have a lot of interesting information about natural world disasters: news, facts, history. Check them up on our blog. See you soon and beware of natural disasters!

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