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What Causes Flooding?

what causes flooding?

The main causes of flooding are heavy rains, tsunamis, melting snow and ice, and destroyed dams. Geographical location also has a great influence on the probability of flooding. Areas that are close to rivers and seas are at higher risk of flooding. Cities also have a high risk of flooding because water drains from houses and enters roads and parking, where water absorption is not foreseen.

Floods can occur anywhere on the planet. They are very dangerous to society as they can last several days or more.

Floods can occur very suddenly. This is because the amount of water from the rains exceeds the amount of water that the earth can absorb. All the excess water flows into the rivers, overflowing the ditches, which affects the occurrence of severe flooding.

What Are the Reasons for Flooding?

reasons for flooding

Rains are caused by several weather conditions. In summer and autumn, tropical cyclones are formed in subtropical and tropical areas. When they reach a certain power, they are called hurricanes. These cyclones can cause a large number of rains, which cause rain showers when a storm reaches the land. Another very important phenomenon is observed in California, Alaska, and the Pacific North-West. It is called an atmospheric river. These are long lines of moisture, which move along the atmosphere and bring a lot of snow and rain. This phenomenon also causes flooding.

The Main Problems That the Flood Creates

main problems of flooding

The most important problem is that floods are taking life. It is hard to calculate how many people have died because of the elements. Just 15 centimeters of water is enough to wash away a person. Water moves quickly and takes people away or fully covers them. Frequently floods lead to buildings collapse and create a threat for people. Very often, diseases that are transmitted through water are ignored, and this can be fatal too.

Also, your property is under threat because the most favorite snack for the flood is cars. You should not drive on flooded roads, so you won`t damage the car and yourself.

The buildings, windows, and doors are under threat. Flood quickly spreads garbage around the city. If water gets inside the building, all the furniture and objects in the house will be spoilt and damaged.

Floods often destroy very important objects for a city. Communication towers, power plants, roads, and bridges are flooded, and this affects activity in the city. Life can literally stop after flooding for a few days. The city has to spend money to help citizens.

Less money is invested in various activities where floods occur more often.

Especially horrible is that it is a strong psychological trauma for those who have experienced losses from the flood. Especially it concerns those people who lost a loved one during a natural disaster. Loss of property and housing can have a strong impact, which turns into stress and depression.

We figured out what causes flooding and saw what the consequences are. Be careful if you live in an area where flooding is a frequent phenomenon. Gather yourself a flooding kit, which will contain the most necessary to help you avoid most bad situations.

We also created for you few tips about Flood safety rules

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