NWDSpace WeatherWarning about Solar Storm Due to Holes in Sun’s Corona on Nov, 8-9

Warning about Solar Storm Due to Holes in Sun’s Corona on Nov, 8-9

Solar Storm Due to Holes in Sun’s Corona

Over the weekend, space weather forecasters issued a warning about a possible solar storm on Monday and Tuesday. According to the data yesterday, the forecast did not work, but it may still happen today.

The storm is caused by a hole in the sun’s corona, which ejected a small stream of charged particles onto our planet. In coronal holes, the temperature is much lower than in the environment, and because of this, the solar plasma is not as dense. And it is precisely because of the wide-open magnetic lines that the solar wind can form towards our planet.

Not all inhabitants of planet Earth would feel the changes at the moment of fluctuations, but they can lead to different consequences – power outages in certain areas, severe headaches, or malaise in people.

According to World Statistics, a fairly large percentage of heart attacks occur precisely at the time of solar storms. Therefore, each of us should know how to protect ourselves from their impact!

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