NWDFloodsUrgent Warning: 9 districts near Chennai May Be Flooded in the Next 2 Days

Urgent Warning: 9 districts near Chennai May Be Flooded in the Next 2 Days

A water-logged Marina Beach in Chennai on November 9, 2021

Most recently, flooding in Chennai took at least 5 lives and before the world had time to recover from this loss, rescue operations were deployed in Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry.

Yesterday, the Meteorological Department in Chennai claimed that the low-pressure area over the Bay of Bengal is likely to quickly become lower than usual, and it would bring heavy rainfall in those areas on November, 9-11. In confirmation of this, rainy thunderstorms began yesterday and the government announced that about 9 nearby districts should be careful and take all security measures. Local authorities took the warning seriously, and schools and universities will be closed today and tomorrow.
It is too early to predict possible harm from new floods, but timely precautions can help reduce it and protect thousands of people from serious injury and death. In this year all word is suffering from floods in different parts of our planet, and we can do only one thing – try to reduce the damage!

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