NWDHurricanesUK Faces Dire Arwen Storm that Took Three Lives and Paralyzed Roads

UK Faces Dire Arwen Storm that Took Three Lives and Paralyzed Roads

Storm Arwen Killed Three People in the UK

In the UK was a dangerous storm Arwen, which led to a speed of up to 160 km/year, causing 3 people to die.

Effortlessly three fatal drops – at the Pivnichny Ireland, Cambrian and Aberdeenshire – there are boules from the fall of trees. According to the British Meteorological Office, a strong wind, boards and days of the night were hosted by the Bagatyokh districts of the country. Without electricity, tens of thousands of budget buildings were lost. The power lines were damaged and the transport was destroyed. In front of a terrible disaster, there were warning signals, but, unfortunately, it didn’t save all the inhabitants from the Arwen storm. According to Monday news the danger is gone and warnings were turned off. 

According to the data of the police of Great Britain, not less than a dozen accidents in the past weekends. Some roads are still closed due to fallen trees, rain, and ice!

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