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Two Volcanoes Erupted in Indonesia

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On Saturday, 16 May, volcano Ibu erupted on Halmahera Island in the Malay Archipelago. Three hours later, the Indonesian volcano Semeru erupted on the island of Java, and the highest code of danger was declared for aviation.

A brief eruption of Ibu Volcano was recorded at 09:20 GMT.

According to Darwin VAAC, a column of smoke and ash rose 13.7 km above sea level. The ash column separated from the crater as the eruption stopped. The smoke cloud gradually moved south under the influence of the wind.

A strong eruption of the Semeru volcano occurred at 12:25 GMT. The thrown ash reached a height of 14 km above sea level.

According to Darwin VAAC, the volcanic ash moved southwest at a speed of 9 km/h.

Semeru is the highest volcano in Java and one of the most active. It is located in the southern part of the volcanic massif which stretches northwards to the caldera of Tenger volcano.

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