NWDHurricanesTwo Deadly Hurricanes Struck Central America

Two Deadly Hurricanes Struck Central America

Central America was affected by another disaster. In the past month, two hurricanes have hit the international fragile spot. They have had terrible consequences, destroying several thousand homes and taking over a huge amount of crops. The scale of the disaster is quite significant, as 5 million people contributed to the emergence of additional motives for emigration, and 1.5 of them are young people.

Rescuers compare these storms to the famous Hurricane Mitch, which caused terrible consequences for Central America 20 years ago.

Officers say it would take at least 10 years for people to restore everything that they had. COVID and two hurricanes in the same place can really make life harder for so many people. Rains and winds have destroyed bridges, more than a thousand roads, and flooded the airport. We may soon see a new wave of immigration.

The UN recognizes Central America as the region most affected by climate change, while in the future, it could be even worse because the water in the ocean is getting hotter, making storms even more dangerous and violent.

The President of Guatemala is concerned about the situation and asks for help from foreign countries, as hunger, poverty, and destruction should not last for years. Such conditions may force many people to leave Central America in search of a better quality of life.

People are hiding in shelters with a high risk of coronavirus infection. Hurricanes have forced the authorities to create communities in which people can hide from the elements, but under such conditions, they cannot escape the virus.

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