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NWDWildfiresTurkey Fire: How It All Began, Who Is Guilty And The Situation In Turkey Now

Turkey Fire: How It All Began, Who Is Guilty And The Situation In Turkey Now

Turkey Fire

Turkey burning news reports that large-scale forest fires continued for several weeks in the south of the country. The fire engulfed a number of popular resorts, from which locals and tourists have already been evacuated. As a result of the Turkey fire, 8 people were killed, and about 800 more are injured. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan previously stated that he does not want to politicize the situation, but the investigation is considering a version of arson.

A few days later, the Children of Fire organization, recognized as a terrorist organization in the country took responsibility for the forest fires.

At the moment, the situation is stable and Turkey cease-fire, but the death toll has increased.

What’s Burning?

The first fire in Turkey 2021 was recorded on July 28, and two days later, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan declared five southern provinces as disaster zones: Antalya, Adana, Mersin, Muglu and Osmaniye. All of them are located on the Mediterranean coast and are popular Turkish resorts. The epicenter at first turned out to be the city of Managavt, which is 75 kilometers from Antalya – Turkey barn fire hit the pine forests and quickly spread to buildings in the center. The situation was aggravated by the heat, and strong winds contributed to the rapid spread of the flame. Fires have reached residential areas.

In the following days, the authorities recorded more than a hundred hotbeds of fire, most of which were eliminated. The situation has already been called the worst over the past 10 years – the affected area has reached 95 thousand hectares. Firefighting planes and rescue teams were sent to help Turkey by Azerbaijan, Iran and Ukraine. The country’s authorities have evacuated thousands of locals and tourists.

According to official data, eight people died, among them firefighters. But this figure could be higher: more than 800 people were injured. President of the country Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said that 50 million lira – about $6 million – are allocated for emergency measures to eliminate damage from the wild Turkey fire. You can find a detailed Turkey farm road fire map on the Internet.

Turkey’s Worst-Hit Resorts

Turkey’s Worst-Hit Resorts

Most often, tourists cancel bookings in Marmaris and Bodrum: these resorts have been hit hard by forest fire in Turkey.

Burning Turkey experienced 137 fires in 32 cities in the first week of August 2021. The spread of fire led to the cancellation of travel to the main tourist centers of the country – Antalya and Mugla province. According to experts, the strongest in the Marmaris Turkey fire: two-thirds of the forests have already been destroyed there and the fight against fires is still ongoing.

“During normal periods, the region is visited by 3.5 million tourists a year. Many from the UK, as well as from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, the Netherlands and other European and Arab states. Due to the Turkey fire, the number of holidaymakers would decrease by 80%. While we are trying to save the country,” – said the chairman of the regional office of the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies, TÜRSAB in Marmaris Suat Esin.

President of the Union of Tourism Enterprises and Accommodation of the Aegean Sea (ETIK) Mehmet Ishler said that the situation in Antalya is no better.

However, according to the general director of the hotel chain Korhan Alshan, there are no mass cancellations in Kemer. The locals have suffered a lot from the hotel fire in Turkey and hope that despite the fires, the sector will be able to partially recover.

Who Is Guilty?

According to Turkish authorities, a forest fire is not uncommon for the country in the summer, but this year the scale of the disaster turned out to be much larger than before. Erdoğan said on Twitter that he does not want to politicize the situation with the fires, but the investigation does not rule out the option of deliberate sabotage. “We are thoroughly investigating the causes of the fires. If there are such traitors who are capable of burning their own homeland, they would suffer the most severe punishment,” he said at a press conference on Saturday, July 31.

On Monday, August 2, the Children of Fire organization, recognized as a terrorist organization in Turkey, claimed responsibility for the fire in Turkey. The group’s statement says that the country’s authorities “do not understand another language,” so they decided to “bring them to their knees”. “Children of the Fire” have previously admitted to organizing the Turkey farm fire – including taking responsibility for last year’s situation in the Turkish province of Hatay.

What Are the Children of Fire?

The Children of Fire group is associated with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). This organization has existed for over 40 years and promotes the political rights of the Kurds, as well as the creation of Kurdish autonomy in Turkey. In Europe, the USA, Australia, and a number of other countries, the PKK are recognized as a terrorist.

The conflict between the Turkish authorities and the PKK has been dragging on since the mid-1980s. Turkey on fire conducts military operations to fight Kurdish guerrillas – including in Iraq, where the main Kurdish bases are concentrated. For more than 30 years of the conflict, the parties have repeatedly declared ceasefires, but clashes continue to this day.

Even before the Children of Fire’s official announcement, PKK supporters on social media greeted burn Turkey. “Two or three young people may well get together and do something. They may say: “We have no weapons”, but their weapons are lighters and matches”, said earlier the head of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party Murat Karayilan. The organization views arson as a method of revenge against Turkey.

All Forest Fires Have Been Liquidated in Turkey

All Forest Fires Have Been Liquidated in Turkey

Turkey’s Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli said that there were no wildfires left in the country. He announced this on his Twitter. According to him, since July 28, 299 outbreaks in 54 Turkish provinces have been taken under control and extinguished.

On July 28, the first Turkey firer broke out in the Turkish province of Antalya, later the fire covered Bodrum, Marmaris, and other settlements. To extinguish the fires, the Turkish authorities have attracted more than 10 thousand specialists and more than 3 thousand pieces of equipment to extinguish the fires. They used airplanes, helicopters, and drones for extinguishing from the air. A strict ban was introduced on visiting forest areas.

The resorts of Bodrum and Marmaris were hit the hardest by forest fires. According to the company, it is in these two directions that tourists most often cancel bookings. The Russian Foreign Ministry also urged tourists to carefully choose their holiday destinations in Turkey.

Turkey fire department reports that rescuers and firefighters from different countries who came to the rescue tried to reach a ceasefire in Turkey. The rains also helped extinguish the Turkey forest fire, which lasted more than 10 days. On August 8, Turkish authorities reported that there were no more forest fires that would threaten settlements in Turkey.

Is It Safe to Fly to Turkey for Vacation?

Fire in Turkey today: is it possible to visit the country? There are no restrictions on entry and exit from the country for tourists. Airlines operate their flights as usual. Turkish authorities are developing a plan to keep locals and tourists safe in the event of a re-fire.

Most of the fires in Turkey today have already been extinguished. Active restoration work is underway in the tourist areas.

What Is the Best Resort for a Safe Holiday?

In Turkey, you can visit the coasts of three seas at once: the Mediterranean, the Aegean and the Black. Now the demand for tours to the Black Sea has grown, since tourists choose towns that are remote from the centers of fire, in particular Rize, Sinop, Trabzon, Uzungol, Amasra.

The resorts of Marmaris and Bodrum, located on the Aegean Sea, remain safe for tourists. Those who want to play it safe are advised to choose Bitez, Turgutreis, Bag, Gumbet, Gelturkbuku for rest. Also recommend visiting Kusadasi and Cappadocia. The blog authors advise you not to worry because there are any fires today in Turkey, and they have all been extinguished. The authorities are trying to restore areas affected by the fire, as well as reopen popular resorts.

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