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Hurricanes Jun.04.2020

Tropical Storm Amanda will bring heavy rains to Guatemala and El Salvador

amanda tropical storm

Tropical Storm Amanda, formed in the East Pacific, will bring heavy rains to several parts of Mexico and Central America.

Approximately 400 km southwest of southern Guatemala, a tropical cycle was formed early in the week. The system has become more organized in the past few days and was designated tropical depression 2-E on Saturday.

The National Hurricane Tracking Center officially named the system Tropical Storm Amanda with a maximum sustained wind speed of 64 km/h on Sunday morning before reaching land.

The tropical moisture that already permeates the region will cause heavy rains in areas from Panama and Costa Rica to Guatemala on Monday morning.

Storms will also spread to much of southern Mexico. Up to 50 mm of rain can fall in places in just a few hours, and there is a risk of flooding and landslides.

Heavy rains will be the biggest threat to Central America, especially in the highlands of Guatemala and El Salvador, where total precipitation of up to 600-800 mm is possible.

Once on land, the storm will attenuate quickly but will still cause rain throughout the region.

In anticipation of the approaching storm, the President of El Salvador announced a “yellow” warning in the country.

Why this tropical storm was called Amanda read in the article about Hurricane Name System

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