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NWDHurricanesTropical Cyclone Herold Has Killed 4 People and Destroyed 500 Homes in Madagascar

Tropical Cyclone Herold Has Killed 4 People and Destroyed 500 Homes in Madagascar

flood in madagaskar

Tropical cyclone Herold, accompanied by winds up to 85 miles per hour and intense rainfall, swept through Madagascar. The north-east of the country was affected by floods. At least 4 people were killed.

Intense rainfall from the storm caused floods in the Sava and Analangirufu regions in north-eastern Madagascar.

Initial assessments of disaster: management authorities has confirmed that Herold has hurt several thousand people in the Maroantsera region of Analangirufu, as well as in the Sambava and Antalah regions of the Sava.

The flood water reached 2 meters in some areas. Around 500 houses were damaged.

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