NWDMAN-MADEToxic foam covered the Yamuna: Why Did Indians Bathe There & Was It Dangerous

Toxic foam covered the Yamuna: Why Did Indians Bathe There & Was It Dangerous

The 1,376-km (855-mile) Yamuna is one of the holiest rivers for Hindus

India is one of the most polluted countries and this title was confirmed this week. On Wednesday, a portion of the sacred river near Delhi was covered in a layer of poisonous foam. However, the Hindus gathered on the banks of the river to celebrate anyway, and some believers even bathed in the water because they considered it their duty.

Last week, white foam formed in some parts of the Yamuna River. This foam is a mixture of sewage and industrial waste and flows. The authorities claimed that it is south of the Himalayas and extend forward several states for 1,376 kilometers (855 miles). The irritating foam contains high concentrations of ammonia and phosphate, which can cause respiratory and skin problems, experts say. According to the Press Trust of India, authorities ordered 15 ships to clear the bubbles. The river is the most polluted in the area, and in densely populated cities a lot of waste is dumped into the water. Only 2% of the river’s length flows through the Indian capital, and Delhi accounts for 76% of the total pollution.

Damage and casualty statistics will be reported after the poisonous foam has been removed from the water!

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