NWDWhat to doTornado Safety Tips: What Do You Need to Survive a Tornado? Read Our Guide!

Tornado Safety Tips: What Do You Need to Survive a Tornado? Read Our Guide!

Tornado Safety Tips

Take Care and Learn Survival Tips for Tornadoes

A tornado is a strong air vortex in the form of a column or funnel, directed from the thundercloud to the underlying surface, with a diameter of tens or hundreds of meters. Moving along with the cloud, causes severe destruction in its path. Tornadoes can be devastating natural disasters and once you may think of some safety tips during a tornado. Whirlwinds that appear in the form of a vortex are an integral part of severe thunderstorms and hurricanes. During such thunderstorms, winds can reach up to 300 miles per hour, causing severe destruction to neighborhoods and cities in a matter of minutes. Tornadoes, twisting and wriggling like snakes, crawl out of the clouds and down to the ground, causing great devastation, destroying houses, throwing up cars like balls, and ripping out trees. Nowadays, safety tips for tornadoes are of high importance, as they occur pretty often in the USA.

Those who have survived a tornado encounter tell of finding straws driven into tree trunks like nails at the scene. As we have written before, the wind speed in a tornado reaches 300 miles per hour, with the same speed as pieces of metal and trees torn from the ground fly through the air, turning them into deadly weapons. The very low pressure at the center of the tornado can cause a house to explode if the base of the tornado touches a structure. Tornadoes occur every day in the world and remind us of man’s powerlessness against the forces of nature. However, to reduce the risk of injury during and after the storm to protect yourself and your loved ones from this natural disaster, follow our tornado safety rules in this article.

Tornado Safety Facts: How Does a Tornado Form?

A large thundercloud is joined by a wind blowing in the opposite direction. When this contrary wind reaches the cloud, it heads sharply upward. If you look at the top of a thundercloud, you will see it swirl upward and then fall downward, while powerful currents of upward air pierce the cloud in a bottom-up direction. Sometimes this upward flow, when it meets the opposing airflow in the cloud, begins to swirl. This is how a tornado is formed. A tornado lifts dust and objects into the air, breaking trees and buildings, and killing and injuring people.

Why Is It Important to Know Safety Tips for a Tornado?

Why Is It Important to Know Safety Tips for a Tornado?

The danger of a tornado lies in its ability to quickly emerge and move at great speed. A tornado is capable of destroying the buildings, infrastructures, bridges, overhead power lines, above-ground pipelines – all this can be involved in the resulting whirlwind while moving inside at a tremendous speed. It is this factor that makes a tornado incredibly destructive and dangerous, but keep calm, there are ways to survive a tornado!

What Do You Need to Survive a Tornado?

Preparation is an important safety tip for a tornado. Prepare your family. Be sure to discuss and rehearse a plan of action. Write a list of important contact information, including information about your insurance company and important contacts outside your city. Make sure everyone in your family knows where to go, what to take with you, and how to keep yourself safe in case a tornado strikes.

Another tornado survival tip is to hide important documents just in case. Make photocopies of birth certificates, insurance, and other important documents to take with you in case of an evacuation. This will be helpful if you can’t return home immediately after the tornado.

It is important to establish communication. Make sure everyone in your family knows how to contact each other. Write a list of phone numbers for schools, places of work, and cell phones. The numbers of any people your children may be with during an emergency should also be on this list. If you may be in an area of danger, it is important to know where the nearest safe shelter is located. Schools, community centers, and other city buildings are usually used for evacuation points. These stations are usually equipped with medical personnel and supplies. An evacuation point can also be used as a place to arrange to meet your family during a hurricane.

How to Survive Tornado?

How to Survive Tornado?

1. If you are caught in a building, move away from windows and take a safe place near hallways, interior walls, closets, bathrooms, toilets, or under tables.

2. Try to take cover quickly in cellars, and anti-radiation shelters, which are available in settlements. Do not enter damaged buildings, as they may collapse in new gusts of wind. This is one of the most important safety tips about tornadoes.

3. At night, use lamps, lanterns, candles; turn on the radio to receive information from the government and specialized services, if possible, be in a deep shelter, or in the basement, and so on. If a storm, hurricane, or tornado catches you on the streets of a settlement, stay as far away as possible from light buildings, bridges, buildings, overpasses, power poles and this will help you with surviving a tornado.

4. Extinguishing fires in stoves, turning off electricity, and turning off gas faucets will help keep safety for tornadoes.

The elements can be merciless and it’s best to always be prepared for any bad weather. Read our blog and you’ll be ready for anything!

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