NWDTornadoesTornado Safe Room. Why Everybody Needs It?

Tornado Safe Room. Why Everybody Needs It?

tornado safe room

Many people in the world observe and experience natural disasters. This concept includes many phenomena and they occur much more often than many people think. To protect yourself, your loved ones, and your property from the consequences of these disasters, you can build a tornado safe room. Such a room will help to protect yourself not only from tornadoes but also from other natural disasters (fires, floods, and storms).

Tornadoes are most often found in the United States. U.S. residents are familiar with Tornado Alley. It includes states that are in the Midwest and southern Texas. The states of Florida, Georgia, Mississippi also have high tornado activity.

Weather is not the only reason to build a tornado safe room. Burglary is a very urgent problem in the United States. Every 20 seconds a new case is recorded. In an hour they occur 200 and daily up to 5000. In total, such theft occurs about 2.4 million per year, and 65% of them are the home invasion.

Tornado activity is also high in Canada. They are found in all parts of the country, except those with a cold climate. On average, there are 90-100 tornadoes per year. In the United States, however, this number reaches up to 2000 per year. This brings in about 1500 injuries and 80 fatal outcomes per year.

It is not necessary to explain that this is a very useful room to protect yourself and your family. This place will be an excellent storehouse of valuable things and will protect against robbers. You can build it both inside and outside the house.

FEMA gives people all recommendations for building a tornado safe room. If you follow them, you will get absolute protection in dangerous weather conditions.

To make your tornado safe room most effective, you should use the recommendations of P-320. If you are not going to build your own shelter, you should definitely hand them over to the person who will be developing the safe room.

huge tornado

There you will find standards for stoves and doors. You will get inside of it through the door, so the door and roof must be specially designed to withstand the strong winds and garbage that will spill during the storm.

Normal steel doors can not withstand the forces of tornadoes, so it will be dangerous to put it. Be sure to use the recommendations for a door that will be effective against tornadoes. It should be carefully designed and tested to ensure that it will withstand gusts of wind.

Your entire design must comply with ICC 500 standards and FEMA recommendations.

Doors must open and close easily to allow access to and from the tornado safe room. After checking the stability, be sure to check the accessibility of the shelter.

These rooms saved many lives when they were used as a tornado shelter in 2013 in Oklahoma. In any case, the funds and time to build such a room must pay off in the future. The elements are dangerous and unpredictable, so you must be ready for anything.

It is not necessary to be limited to one protected room, you can also build an entire house protected from tornadoes.

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