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NWDTornadoesTornado Proof House. Necessity of Money Wasting

Tornado Proof House. Necessity of Money Wasting

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The tornado is a very urgent and serious problem for many U.S. residents. There are many ways how to make your home resistant to tornadoes, but many people think that it is expensive, and the house looks terrible in this case. Let us figure out how to find a way out of this situation.

FEMA equates the creation of a tornado-proof house with the creation of a rocket bunker. In fact, the main danger comes not from the wind but from different objects and debris, which it carries in different directions. Sometimes the speed of these pre-metals is 200 miles per hour. If you imagine that someone’s closet or bed flies into your house at such a speed, it can be compared to a rocket charge.

Windows and doors are vulnerable in your home, but the most vulnerable are garage doors. As a rule, they are fragile and can not withstand strong gusts of wind, and especially hitting of any object. The danger is that if the wind enters the house through them, it can destroy the walls and ceilings, and it can cause serious damage to you and your home. So, can you build a tornado-proof house? Yes, but it will most likely need to be built from the beginning.

tornado safe house

In fact, nobody does it, because it takes a lot of money, time and while there will be no tornado, most likely, this construction will cause you negative emotions. And besides, even if you order expensive windows that can withstand a tornado gust and insulation blocks, your house will still not be 100% protected. Why not? Simply because if you have a garage door in your house, double-glazed windows and blocks will not protect you from the elements.

FEMA recommends that you refrain from building a tornado-proof house. But they offer another alternative. You can build a tornado safe room, for example, a separate room that will be built and designed according to the recommendations of the organization and the code ICC-500. These are recommendations that have been created to provide the most effective protection against the elements.

You can read more about what this room should be like in our article. The requirements say that this structure must withstand the winds of the EF-5 level. These winds exceed the speed of 200 miles per hour, so there is a detailed description of what materials are best used during the construction.

tornado proof house

Definitely, to provide yourself with such a room, you will have to spend quite a large sum. Such a project will be quite difficult to implement alone, but FEMA offers not an expensive option for building such a room. Most likely, you will have to contact the services that deal with the construction of such premises, because the resources that are needed for the construction need to be able to manage and used properly. Such a room will cost you from 6 to 9 thousand dollars. Of course, some organizations help house owners with this amount, but this money is not enough to cover the entire project.

Buildings that are built underground will have several disadvantages because they are more vulnerable to flooding. Several other technologies can make your home a safe shelter from tornadoes. Starting with special doors, but they can be very expensive. As well as glass, which has a special coating and they use a special technology that does not allow the glass to break into pieces.

Different technologies are not so expensive and can provide your home with protection. However, FEMA recommends and insists that you build a separate room according to their recommendations or buy a ready-made tornado safe house.

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