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Droughts Mar.13.2020

The Yucatan Peninsula has experienced the worst drought in 34 years


Rainfall below average during 3 years resulted the worst drought in the Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula since 1986. Groundwater levels have dropped to a minimum and many wells have dried up. This is posing a serious threat to water supply.

Drought also increases the risk of devastating fires some of which have already erupted in different parts of the peninsula. Farmers burn dry vegetation and clear fields for planting from February to May when the dry season lasts in Yucatan.

Specialists from the Yucatan Autonomous University’s (UADY) Meteorological Centre said the drought would also affect major cities in southeastern Mexico. Merida will be the city where residents will be hitted by extreme temperatures the most.

Signs of an impending drought are already visible in nature. Many trees have bloomed in February, not in March as usual. Seiba trees bear fruit early. Ants carry food to their nests which is an omen that a very strong drought is coming.

Mexico experienced a drought caused by the El Niño event In 2019. A dry downwind that covered the entire peninsula and part of Central America. The hot air lasted until summer and prevented from entering of cyclones to region.

Meteorologists predict that the highest temperatures will be expected in April and May which are historically the hottest months.

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