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The Yamal Crater Story

Yamal’s black hole is a mystery that has been haunting by scientists for several years. It has unusually smooth angles and incredible depth. At first glance, it’s not so easy to find the explanation, and the reasons for the formation of this mysterious hole may be completely different. Its location in the north of the Yamal peninsula, and it is not one. A few years have passed since the formation of the first hole, and few theories have already appeared, and we will tell you about them.

History of Discovery

hole in siberia

It is very unusual to see such a phenomenon in the coldest place in Russia. The formation of this phenomenon in a place where ice melts only one meter in summer raises even more questions. Scientists argue that the size of the funnel can accommodate several aircraft.

The first mention of this phenomenon appeared in autumn 2013. Information about it was in all the world media, and video about this phenomenon was everywhere in the summer of 2014. After such a stir, many scientists and journalists began to study this phenomenon. It was a shock for all because early science has never seen anything like it.

The Giant Crater in Siberia: Theories of Origin

siberian crater

The Yamal crater was discovered first in 2014 on the peninsula. After a while, geologists found two more mysterious holes on other peninsulas, but smaller ones. Geologists and other scientists have repeatedly studied the ideal round shape in Siberia and put forward several theories about the cause of the origin. These include the melt of ice, methane explosions, and meteorite falls.

Dangerous Find

Is there any danger from craters in Siberia? A group of Russian scientists claims that there are stockpiles of explosives deep underground. Such accumulations are located in many parts of the planet, and we can expect numerous explosions ahead of us due to climate change. Among some geologists, there is a view that the consequences could be critically dangerous.

After studying a hole more than 200m deep, scientists claim it is a natural phenomenon. It may be related to geological processes, the planet’s underground pressure, or explosions.

Siberian Methane Holes?

The giant crater in Siberia has caused anxiety all over the world. Many people got the opinion about the trials of new weapons and the impact of space residents on the lives of humanity. Scientists believe that natural processes created the Yamal craters.

After numerous soil studies, scientists found traces of methane molecules around the holes. This foundation has given rise to the theory that methane explosions have done their job and that the holes are the consequences of a muscular boom. Scientists explain it by the fact that the ice keeps the methane in a solid-state, and he evaporates when heated, increases in volume, and provokes the explosion.

We can compare the rate of methane proliferation to the rate of nuclear reaction. In this way, a powerful explosion can destroy an enormous amount of soil.

Adverse Conclusions

russian hole in ground

Siberian methane holes require careful research and attention from the public. Massive amounts of methane are found throughout the planet, and global warming can aggravate the situation. The consequences can be terrible. Enormous amounts of methane will affect the atmosphere and will take a lot of lives on Earth.

In 2015-2016, other funnels began to appear. The temperature has exceeded the record level in this period, so we have something to fear.

From this, we can conclude that the reason for the appearance of craters in Siberia is the sharp melting of ice.

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