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NWDFloodsThe Whole World Is Now Suffering From Severe Floods, People Leave Their Homes

The Whole World Is Now Suffering From Severe Floods, People Leave Their Homes

Now, not only Europe, but the whole world is suffering from destructive floods. But in addition to rising water levels in the world’s oceans, constant fires and droughts are becoming more frequent. Discover the countries where cataclysms are now taking place, to which human activity has led.

Oman and Iran flood

Oman and Iran have been hit by a tropical cyclone, and local authorities are already reporting at least 13 deaths, including a child. It is also known about 2 drowned fishermen and 3 more missings. In Oman, rains and floods have caused severe landslides, as well as a cyclone has damaged power supplies and roads. More than 5.000 local residents were forced to leave their homes. Wind gusts reached 150 km / h and provoked waves of 10 meters. Now, the authorities note that the cyclone has moved inland and the threat of new floods still remains.

northern Italy flood

In northern Italy, heavy rains have provoked flooding and landslides, which have blocked roads, some schools, and several stations in the highlands where local elections were held. According to meteorologists, up to 457 millimeters of rainfall have fallen in the region. No deaths have been reported yet.

northern Italy flood

In India, floods have affected more than 2.6 million people, many of whom have left their homes. Currently, 1.1 thousand emergency camps have been set up. Local media has reported 11 dead people. The flooding has also caused significant damage to crops, particularly rice.

Mexico flood

Over 3.5 thousand people have been evacuated due to the flooding that occurred in the central part of Mexico. Residential houses of people have been underwater because of the river that overflowed its banks. Therefore, the military helped organize the evacuation of the local population living in areas located near the river. It is noted that the flooding was caused by heavy rains.

The Chinese authorities decided to evacuate 4.4 thousand people due to the threat of flooding. Continuous rains and thunderstorms are accompanied by strong winds and hail in some areas. Due to heavy rains, the water level has exceeded the limit marks in 13 small reservoirs in the provinces. A large amount of rainfall has caused mudflows and landslides in the mountains. Local authorities ask residents not to visit mountainous areas, as well as lowlands where, due to the collapse of rocks, the highways are closed to traffic.

In France, in Marseille, two monthly norms of rainfall have fallen in a few hours, and heavy rainfalls have led to flooding. The water level has reached citizens to the waist. Several departments in the south of France have declared an increased level of weather hazard. The region is expected to experience even heavier rains and thunderstorms in the near future. Local authorities urged residents not to leave their homes.

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The Whole World Is Now Suffering From Severe Floods, People Leave Their Homes