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NWDEarthquakesThe Tragedy Of Bam: Why Did 6.3 Earthquake In Bam Iran Kill So Many People

The Tragedy Of Bam: Why Did 6.3 Earthquake In Bam Iran Kill So Many People

iran earthquake 2003

Earthquakes are some of the worst natural disasters, claiming tens and hundreds of thousands of human lives and cause terrible devastation over vast areas. History knows many of the examples of earthquakes, which are considered to be the most appealing, and the massive earthquake devastated Iran 2003 was one of them. Continue reading the article to know more!

Friday, 26 of December- it was a Muslim weekend day when suddenly an earthquake took place. The media called this earthquake the Bam earthquake. Its epicenter was in the area of the ancient city of Bam in Kerman Province with a population of 80 thousand people. Bam Iran earthquake 2003 magnitude reached 6.3 on the Richter scale, which is considered to be one of the most dangerous magnitudes. That was the largest earthquake in Iran history since June 1990, when in another part of the country – in the northwest – aftershocks of 7.3 magnitudes killed 50 thousand people.

Bam Iran Earthquake

bam earthquake

The city of Bam, whose history goes back to antiquity, is located in the northeast of Kerman Province. By the time of the catastrophe, it was one of the prosperous cities of Iran. Once upon a time, the Great Silk Road passed through it. That’s the time when the famous fortress was built. The years before this natural disaster Bam became a center of tourism. Travelers were attracted not only by the well-known fortress but also other masterpieces of ancient architecture. The basis of the economy was agriculture. On the fertile lands around the city, as in many other parts of Iran, people grew dates and citrus fruits.

All attempts to develop the tourism industry and improve living conditions in the city failed after the tragic Bam 2003 earthquake destruction. At 5:26 a.m. on December 26, a 6.6 magnitude earthquake shook the city. The tremor lasted only a few seconds, but the Bam earthquake 2003 impact was devastating. The situation after the earthquake in the city of Bam was terrible. There was no drinking water, no electricity, and no telephone service.

The local medics could do a little or nothing until volunteers from nearby cities, Iranian army soldiers, and representatives of international charities arrived. If the Iran earthquake damages 2003 we can include the two city hospitals, which were razed to the ground. Just a few hours after the incident, international humanitarian aid began to arrive. The first aid came from Russia, Germany, Great Britain, and Spain. International rescue teams looked after survivors, cleared debris, and set up camps to provide shelter for the 90,000 people who had lost their homes.

The situation was complicated by the cold nights the deserts are famous for, the abundance of scorpions, and poisonous snakes. The lack of clean drinking water was a serious problem. Most of the victims were seriously injured. There was a threat of cholera and dysentery. Medical workers and volunteers from different countries struggled to control the situation. Fortunately, they were able to prevent dangerous diseases from spreading. Thousands of people were made homeless by this earthquake. Carefully plowed fields, neat irrigation canals were destroyed by the disaster. Thousands of families were left jobless and homeless. The official statistics estimate Iran earthquake death toll at the level of 40 thousand people’s lives, despite the fact that the Minister of the Healthcare of Iran insisted on more than 70 thousand deaths. Unfortunately, we will not know the real numbers of casualties.

Why Did the 6.3 Earthquake in Bam Iran Kill So Many People?

iran earthquake death toll

The answer is banal, as it was Friday- the Muslim holiday. Most of the citizens stayed at home, spending their time with families. Another reason for the 2003 earthquake disaster in Iran was that the city itself is very antique, where houses were built with no modern technologies to protect the people from any natural disaster. Therefore, when the Iran earthquake 2003 came, people were just trapped inside their old houses.

Meanwhile, earthquakes in Iran occur literally daily. The 2003 Bam earthquake was not the only case. As sad experience shows, earthquakes of magnitude five or more are usually accompanied by human casualties in Iran. One of Iran’s leading seismologists told Reuters back in October 2003 that the country’s population has very little understanding of the nature of earthquakes. “Many people think it’s God’s will,” argued Bahram Akasheh, a geophysics professor at Tehran University.

Another earthquake measuring 4 on the Richter scale struck in southwestern Iran in an oil-bearing area near the town of Masjed Soleiman. No tragic consequences seem to have occurred there. Earthquakes are not uncommon in Iran. According to official data, since 1991, they have killed more than 17 thousand people, 53 thousand were wounded.

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