NWDFloodsThe rain has taken the lives of over 40 Brazilians

The rain has taken the lives of over 40 Brazilians

Powerful heavy rains have been raging in the Brazilian states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro for almost a week. At least 41 people have been killed by the weather. Most of them were electrocuted and buried in shifts or drowned. At least 39 people are missing.

The State of San Paulo was severely affected, with the Municipality of Guaruzha alone recording at least 29 deaths.

Locals have been assisting firefighters in their search for missing persons. Weather victims are desperate to save all things from flooded houses.

Military have been brought to help victims in Guarezha. Locals and volunteers also help rescuers with their search. Monthly rainfall only fell there in one day.

At least 10 people died in Rio de Janeiro. The water has damaged houses, cars and roads. The weather also caused landslides. Brazilian authorities noted that it is difficult to assess the damage so far.

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