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The Largest Eruption of Yellowstone


Scientists have discovered the largest eruption ever recorded on Yellowstone, located in the northwestern United States. The event occurred about 8.7 million years ago and covered an area of over 22 thousand square kilometers.

The eruption was 30% higher than the previous record, becoming the biggest and hottest eruption of Yellowstone. A group of specialists from the University of Leicester in the UK studied volcanic deposits, which were formed during several eruptions. Combining various methods of rock analysis, they found that the deposits formed huge layers of volcanic material from a previously unknown large eruption.

The volcanic event occurred in the United States, where the southern part of Idaho is located now. The largest release of hot rocks covered a vast area the size of New Jersey.

The area was covered by volcanic glass, which sterilized the ground surface. This is one of the five largest eruptions on the planet. The ashes may spread around the globe after the eruption, so one day scientists will be able to identify it.

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