NWDHurricanesThe Great Hurricane of 1780: Everything You Would Like to Know about 1780 Hurricane

The Great Hurricane of 1780: Everything You Would Like to Know about 1780 Hurricane

1780 hurricane

Are you ready to know about one of the deadliest storms in the history of humanity? Continue reading this article to reveal the truth about the 1780 hurricane. We are glad to know you want to know about it on our blog. We hope you will like it and you will continue reading our articles!

In October 1780, a mighty storm went through the beautiful islands of the Caribbean, taking more than 20,000 lives. It is also recognized by a legendary name, the Great Hurricane of 1780, it is among the most destructive hurricanes ever registered. Features about the storm, such as its specific location of origin and power, are unknown, as it occurred before the arrival of the contemporary storm-tracking system of analysis.

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The Great Hurricane of 1780 Facts: All That You Should Know

the great hurricane
  • The scientific world believes that the hurricane was originally created near the Cape Verde Islands on October 9, 1780.
  • The forecasters predict that the level of wind was massive: exceeding about 200 mph (321.9 km/h).
  • The Great hurricane was last witnessed on October 20, 1780, on the southeast of Cape Race. It went from Cape Verde Islands to Newfoundland, Canada!
  • In 1780 the Caribbean endured two more massive hurricanes. They are called Solano’s and Savanna-la-Mar Hurricane.
  • The storm took part during the war! European fleets fighting for new lands of the New World’s Atlantic coast has been destroyed by the Great One.
  • The great hurricane of 1780 affected numerous areas and killed many people.

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Historical fact: Barbados gained its independence only in 1966. Before that time it was occupied by the British in the 1620s and remained conquered colony. In Barbados happened numerous wars for the territory.

Despite there have been numerous deadly storms in the years since 1780, solely Hurricane Mitch in 1998, which killed more than 11 000 people in Central America, has advanced the Great Hurricane in terms of lives taken.

Thank you for reading this short article! We are happy you like reading stories about the history of one of the dangerous natural disasters that occurred in our history. Please, read our related articles to know more about storms. It is highly important to know all about disasters to be ready if something goes wrong. See you soon on the blog!

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