NWDLightningsThe Element Have Touched the Lives of 25,000 People

The Element Have Touched the Lives of 25,000 People

Lives of 25,000 People in danger

A powerful Hurricane Fanfon has covered the Philippines.The element continues to move northwest through the centre of the Philippines now. Thousands of locals have been blocked in ports or evacuation centres because of the disaster. The elements are moving from one island to another for two days.

The cataclysm has damaged a huge number of premises, uprooted trees and triggered power cuts in several regions. About 10,000 victims were moved to schools, gyms and government buildings for shelter.

At least 25 thousand people are in ports due to the cancellation of shipping voyages. Dozens of flights have been canceled. It is noted that the Philippines experiences about 20 storms and typhoons every year.

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