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NWDEarthquakesThe Earthquake Caused over 73 Deaths as Indonesia Struggles with a Series of Natural Disasters

The Earthquake Caused over 73 Deaths as Indonesia Struggles with a Series of Natural Disasters

indonesian disaster

An earthquake took more than 70 lives in Indonesia’s West Sulawesi on the past Friday. BNPB reported that Indonesia struggles with a series of disasters.

Moreover, BNPB speaker Raditya Jati told that over 820 men got injured, more than 27,8k homes were destroyed by the 6.2 magnitude earthquake. Some people asked for shelter in the mountains, while others went to crowded evacuation centers.

Jati added that the officials from police and military service have been extended to crack down on looting in certain parts of the region. Also, the BMKG (meteorological, climatology, and geophysical agency), Dwikorita Karnawati, has mentioned that a second earthquake in the area would potentially cause a tsunami.

As we get known from the news, floods in South Kalimantan and North Sulawesi province have taken at least ten lives this month, while landslides in the West Java region have killed over 30 men.

Well, 2021 isn’t as good as we hoped. Only in 14 days of the new year, the world’s fourth-most populated country is fighting with numerous disasters.

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