NWDMAN-MADEThe Biggest Natural Disaster Created by Humans Is the Giant Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch

The Biggest Natural Disaster Created by Humans Is the Giant Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Imagine a huge dump that has area three times larger than France. Now imagine it floats on the surface of the ocean and grows by 10 percent every year.

This dump even has a name – The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This garbage patch is a battery area for most plastic waste that is dumped in the ocean. It’s the largest of the five floating dumps on the planet.

It is considered a natural disaster due to the damage it does to the environment and marine life.

But How Did It Come Up?

It’s known that almost all plastic trash gets into the ocean from rivers of Asia, Indonesia and Africa. Irresponsible and disrespectful treatment of the planet is the reason for such catastrophe. Plastic waste is collected by the current and grouped in large piles, once in the ocean. The garbage stain grows in size without shrinking, as almost all plastic does not sink or decompose

How Big Is It?

The size of the Garbage Blur can be compared to the three areas of France or Texas State. The number of plastic units in it will soon reach two trillion. That’s about 250 units for every living person. We shouldn’t forget that it’s submerged to a depth of two meters underwater.

Plastic units in the Garbage Blur are almost impervious to decay, which means the blur will not disintegrate by itself.

What’s the Solution?

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is identified as a natural disaster. The growth of this monstrous dump should be stopped to protect the environment. But disposing of so much floating waste is an almost impossible task. Hundreds of ships and barges will be needed to reduce the area of this garbage stain even slightly.

There are four other similar accumulations of plastic waste on the planet besides The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. And each of them has the potential to cause enormous damage to our planet and humanity.

The ocean is so polluted by humans that traces of pollution can be found even at the bottom of the Mariana Trench

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