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NWDTornadoesSuper Typhoon: Read about Meaning, Categories, and Other Interesting Facts about It!

Super Typhoon: Read about Meaning, Categories, and Other Interesting Facts about It!

super typhoon

A super typhoon size is very very big and it can have bad effects.

So, let’s read about this natural disaster and get information about it.

Here Is a Super Typhoon Definition

Supertyphoon is a powerful atmospheric vortex with low atmospheric pressure in the middle. Due to the large pressure changes inside the super typhoon, the wind speed reaches enormous values ​​(about 400 km / h). In the typhoon, there is an intense rise in the air and the formation of powerful cumulonimbus clouds, from which a huge amount of precipitation falls. They are capable of causing flooding. In the center of the typhoon, there is almost no wind and the cloudiness is reduced.

Super Typhoon Meaning:

A super typhoon is a gust that can reach at least 150 miles per hour.

The Highest Wind Speed Super Typhoon

The strongest tropical cyclones with winds up to 63 knots (33 m / s) are classified as “severe tropical storms”. The strongest tropical cyclones, with winds starting at 64 knots, are classified as typhoons.

Super Typhoon Wind Speed

If the winds of a hurricane exceed the speed of 179 in an hour, then it turns into an “intense hurricane”. If the typhoon winds exceed a speed of 241 kilometers in an hour, then it is called a “super typhoon”.

Super Typhoon Cause

The main source of energy of a super typhoon is the released latent heat of humid air masses during its condensation. This heat, by heating the layers of air, increases the speed of the ascending currents. And in their place and at the same time in place of the raised layers, the lower layers of the neighboring zones are drawn in. Of all the enormous energy of the released latent heat, only 15-20% is converted into the energy of motion.

Super Typhoon Category

On this scale, a tropical storm and a violent storm are called “typhoon”, and typhoon (the last category of the international scale) is divided into “strong typhoon” (64-84 knots or 33-43 m / s), “very strong typhoon” (85 −104 knots or 43-54 m / s) and “severe typhoon” (from 105 knots or 54 m/s).

Typhoons Peak

Typhoons peak between May and November. One of the conditions is the high temperature of the ocean water: +30 ° C. Then the warm air from the water comes into contact with the upper cooled air masses, creating clouds. Precipitation transfers heat to the atmosphere. Colliding with each other, air masses of different temperatures form an area of ​​low pressure, which becomes the birthplace of a typhoon or hurricane.

Interesting Fact:

super typhoon cause

There are 20-25 typhoons on Earth every year. They last for several days, and sometimes weeks.

One of the largest typhoons observed in recent years was Typhoon “Nancy” (female names are given to tropical cyclones). It originated near the Marshall Islands and went along the Japanese islands. The wind speed exceeded 300 km / h, there were heavy rains. On its way, the typhoon destroyed 450 thousand houses, 400 bridges, and dams, more than 1,500 people died, 2,000 people were seriously injured. From the Japanese islands, typhoon “Nancy” went to Sakhalin and caused destruction in the south of the island. Tropical cyclones of lesser strength are observed annually.

Ways to Prevent and Deal with the Consequences

To prevent the occurrence of the alleged nucleation, it is necessary to fulfill at least one of the following conditions: fully or partially compensate the Earth’s magnetic field; reduce humidity and the velocity of the ascending airflow.

The option with partial, and even more complete compensation of the Earth’s magnetic field in the alleged origin of typhoon earth for two reasons. Firstly, it is not yet technically feasible, and secondly, the complete absence of a magnetic field over a private globe, or at least partial weakening of it, can lead to a global catastrophe comparable to the destruction from a typhoon. which prevents contaminated particles emitted from the Sun and space from reaching the Earth. If this shield is removed, our flora and fauna may suffer.

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