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Sri Lanka’s People Have Been Suffering from Drought since Early March

Drought since Early March

Four districts of the Sri-Lanka island are experiencing severe drought since 4th of March ‘till today, according to officials.

Nearly half a million of locals is suffering from water shortages at the end of this month. Government authorities are trying to take control on the situation by providing people with water and figuring out: why the drought is so severe?

The area of Sri Lanka is prone to natural disasters. The mixing of seawater with freshwater and the drying up of natural springs are likely causes of this drought.

Meteorologists are finding it difficult to answer how long this natural disaster will last. Drought will plague local residents until the end of May according to preliminary forecasts.

However, the government has already introduced long-term measures to provide local population with water.

The construction of purification plants, installation of water towers and the dispersal of water tanks across the island will help local residents to cope with this crisis.

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