NWDFloodsRivers Are Rising due to Climate Change and All World Is in Danger

Rivers Are Rising due to Climate Change and All World Is in Danger

Flooding and Climate Change: Everything You Need to Know

The study found that people living far from the coast can still be affected by floods caused by climate change. And unfortunately already in our time, this is a harsh reality.

Scientists at the University of South Carolina have shown that climate change has caused large amounts of rainfall to move faster downstream through rivers to the coast. As the climate continues to warm and rainfall increases, coastal flooding may intensify.

Research has shown that this would affect the entire coastal watershed, where river flooding was previously thought to play a minor role. This year’s UN Climate Change Report warns that extreme weather events, such as heatwaves and droughts, which used to occur every 50 years, would soon occur every four years.

By 2100, the melting and re-freezing of areas near glaciers or ice sheets in Northern Europe would have completely stopped. Therefore, we need to stop talking and start taking action and implementing the results of the COP26 Conference!

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