NWDFloodsResidents of Sumas (US) & British Columbia (Canada) Were Evacuated Due to Floods

Residents of Sumas (US) & British Columbia (Canada) Were Evacuated Due to Floods

Canada Border Towns Assess Damage From Devastating Floods

Residents of Sumas, Washington fell victim to flooding near the US-Canada border. According to the latest damage assessment report, about three-quarters of the houses were flooded and more than 500 people were evacuated. Meteorologists believe that such a large-scale flood was influenced by bad weather (heavy rains) over the past few days. And when the water level in the river rose, the authorities could not prevent the disaster and the roads were blocked. Rescuers go from house to house and check to see if anyone else remains inside and if their help is needed. Since half of the city remained dry, there was no need to evacuate all residents, except houses that are closest to flooding. This is not the first flood in the United States, and South Carolina and Georgia have also been hit by floods this month.

While the situation on the American side is somewhat stabilizing, on the Canadian – things are worse. The military has been sent to British Columbia to deal with floods and landslides, and the authorities intend to increase their number. The difficult situation with heavy rains in Canada began on Monday, and now we see what it has led to.

The authorities on both sides are not yet making accurate predictions about the elimination of all the consequences and when people would be able to return home!

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