NWDFloodsRescue Operations Is Still Continuing after Floods in Iraq, October, 30

Rescue Operations Is Still Continuing after Floods in Iraq, October, 30

Floods in Iraq october

On Saturday, northern Iraq in parts of Kurdistan was hit by severe flooding, the consequences of which have not yet been resolved.

Kurdistan, Iraq on October, 30 floods

Heavy rains started on Saturday afternoon, which caused the disaster. Transport floated through the streets, and people had to move along the rooftops. Helicopters were used to evacuate most of the victims due to blocked roads. Yesterday, the Red Cross reported 3,180 people rescued and some of them were placed in emergency shelters. Also, searches for missing persons, including small children, are still underway. The Iraqis were not abandoned in such a difficult situation, and they were provided with hot meals, first aid kits, and other necessary assistance. Many news channels compare this disaster with the flooding in India, but it is too early to draw any conclusions until the final damage and the number of victims and deaths have been established!

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