NWDVolcanoesRelocations in Indonesia After Deadly Semeru Volcano Eruption

Relocations in Indonesia After Deadly Semeru Volcano Eruption

Deadly Semeru Volcano Eruption

The eruption of the Semeru volcano has been on everyone’s lips for a week. The Institute of Volcanology sent a team of researchers to the volcano to identify dangerous areas in which residents cannot remain after the eruption. Some areas have already been declared unsafe for life.

According to the data, about 8.6 million people live within 10 kilometers of an active volcano, so such a sad outcome, and maybe even worse, can be expected in the future. The scale of the volcanic eruption on Saturday took many residents by surprise, and dozens of them were unable to escape because the volcano threw clouds of volcanic ash several kilometers into the sky and sent dangerous pyroclastic flows into villages on the fertile hillside below.  According to statistics, 34 people died and 22 went missing, and 1,300 people managed to evacuate. Hundreds of thousands of villages are completely buried.

Volcano Eruption indonesia

Semeru is one of the active volcanoes in Indonesia, which poses a real threat to thousands of lives!

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