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NWDInterestingRaining Frogs. Raining Animals Phenomenon

Raining Frogs. Raining Animals Phenomenon

raining fish

Rain of Animals

Animal precipitation is a rare meteorological phenomenon that has been observed in different countries at different times. Mostly fish or frogs get into this rain, although bird showers are also described. In some cases, the rains are so heavy that the animals fall to the ground in pieces. Sometimes animals survive after falling, as there is some time between “rise” and “fall”.In some cases, animals have frozen or froze on the ice, indicating that the height of the “rise” was very high and the temperature in the cloud was below 0 ° C. Signs of such rain are visible after a storm, often after a tornado. However, there have been numerous reports of animals walking in the rain in mild weather and without strong winds. According to a hypothesis that tries to explain this phenomenon, strong winds collect animals on the surface of the earth and water and carry them several kilometers.

Raining Fish and Frogs & Has It Ever Rained Fish

This miracle has been known for a long time. There are no supporting documents for the theory, but many scientists agree. Thousands of years ago, at some point, there were strange signs: suddenly it rained from the sky … from fish, worms, and brains.

Imagine walking down the street or in the park. And then a rain of toads Suddenly a frog somewhere fell on his head. As soon as he remembers the person who ran through him several times; like an ugly frog that fell from the sky and died. What kind of animals you just did not see coming out of the sky with frogs: fish, insects, worms … soon storms and frogs became less common, but this event was sometimes published in magazines. Such an event. The simplest and most striking explanation for this strange situation is hurricanes and other natural animal rain phenomenon

It is easy to imagine that a hurricane pulled a frog out of the sea and hit a pedestrian in the head a few miles later. But what happened to the soil, mud, and algae? Why did the whirlwind only catch a frog? Does it rains frogs? In addition, local market owners do not hesitate to tell reporters when they pick up the goods ordered by the hurricane.

According to the national newspaper of the Mexican city of Tampico, Al Sol de Tampico, the fish fell to the bottom during heavy rain. Fish falling from the sky: some eyewitnesses managed to record a good film after the information appeared in the newspaper. Pemadro Grenadas, head of Tamulipas’ welfare department, said the fish reached Tampico in the Lomas de Rosales area on the Mexican coast. Witnesses saw fish about four inches [2 cm] in diameter in the sky. Rain or fish baths are not uncommon, but they have been known for a long time. The first mention of this event occurred in 77 AD. The pilot showed the importance of the fruit harvest “in its normal history”, believing that nerves would come out of the ground after heavy rains. True, rice or worms do not fall but fall from the sky due to the strong wind, which pushes the animals to higher heights.

Scientists believe that large hurricanes are not needed to attract frogs and small fish, and local water and sandstorms may not be enough. This does not cause serious damage and in many cases can go unnoticed by a small group of the population, especially at night.

Of course, the question of the source of fish and rain frogs remains open until it is documented that hurricanes or hurricanes are responsible for the long-range transport of aquatic animals.

Frogs Fall from the Sky? Is This Possible?

rain of animals

This process is triggered by a storm. When the wind blows frogs and fish out of the water, the autumn river falls and the creatures fall to the ground. Alexander Chernokulsky, editor-in-chief of Metro-TV, says frogs freeze like ice when they are very high in the clouds. He told Sneg.TV that he had a situation when he fell to the ground.

Signs of unusual rainfall have been observed for centuries. For example, in the 19th century, in the United States alone, more than 15 animal rains, namely raining fish, were discovered. So the Yoro branch (Honduras) received water for fishing from May to July for almost 100 years. Also there are twice a year. This time the Fish Water Festival has been held since 1998.

Raining frogs is the general name for a group of animals of the Anur order. In a broader sense, the word “frog” means all limbs without a tail. In a narrow sense, the name serves as a representative of the original frog family. The frog larvae are called so-called N.Frogs are found all over the world – from the tropics to the subtropics. Biodiversity is the largest area in the tropics.

Today there is a scientific explanation for the phenomenon that links the formation of rain from animals with tornadoes. And the fact that the fish raining from the sky According to this hypothesis, water bodies can move animals through a combination of water pipes and wind forces. Both land animals and fish rose from the ground, and the birds flew away. Then these currents or vortices raised the animal to a higher level. Thus, the wind can catch the animals and throw them away. Some types of tornadoes and ditches can release large amounts of water, causing native animals to fall as rain animals.

In some cases, some scientific interpretations deny the existence of the above. For example, when a fish crashed in Singapore in 1861, French naturalist Francis Cassel reported that it rained as he moved in his sleep, moving from one water to another on the shore as tall as a chair. You can enjoy swimming. We also know that seeing land immediately after rain is not a coincidence, because these animals usually move on the ground after rain or flood for several kilometers of felines, for example, along sidewalks and flooded rivers.

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