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Lightnings Jun.12.2020

People have died as a result of raging elements in Honduras

rain in the night

Heavy weather in Honduras from May 26 to 28 led to the deaths of 2 people. One person died after lightning struck in Tegucigalpa. The second fatality occurred after heavy rainfall caused a house collapse in Esquias, the Comayagua department.

In the areas most affected by heavy rainfall and flooding, according to the Permanent Commission for Emergency Situations, 101 families were affected.

Heavy rains caused a landslide in Ethiopia. The landslide occurred early in the morning of 28 May in southern Africa.

The Ethiopian television channel Fana reported that the landslide which destroyed a two floors house killed at least 10 people.

Several other houses were also damaged or destroyed, and there are fears that the death numbers could increase. Search and rescue operations are hampered by rains and difficult conditions.

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