NWDInterestingPaleontologists Reported That Australia Was a Home Place for Carnivorous Dinosaurs

Paleontologists Reported That Australia Was a Home Place for Carnivorous Dinosaurs

tyrannosaurus rex

Dinosaur footprints have been found in Australia. A group of researchers concluded that they belonged to predatory dinosaurs. The length of the body is about 10 meters and the height reach 3 meters.

Paleontologists claim the traces were left by giant carnosaurs in the Allosaurs group. They could be classified as one of the biggest predators on the planet at the time.

These dinosaurs lived in the swamp forests that were in today’s southern Queensland landscape.

Paleontologists have previously reported on tyrannosaurs found in North America and enormous dinosaurs found in South America and Africa. Also, there is evidence that Australia was home to giant carnivorous dinosaurs.

carnivorous dinosaur

Their traces were found on the ceilings of underground coal mines north of the town of Tuvumba in southeastern Queensland and remained unexplored for decades.

In 2017, researchers discovered the largest dinosaur footprint in north-western Australia. Its length was 1.75 m, the imprint was left by a Sauropoda, a herbivorous animal with a long neck. Previously, the record belonged to a trace found in 2016 in Bolivia, its length was 1.15 m.

Most carnivores or predators dinosaurs were preying on other animals. But some fed on the remains of dead animals, that is scavengers. Predator dinosaurs hunted herbivorous lizards and even each other. Less powerful and clever of them fed on insects, lizards, and mammals. Carnivorous dinosaurs include Deinonychus, Ceratosaurus, Spinosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, and many other lizards.


There were dinosaurs in nature who ate both animal and plant food. These dinosaurs were also Ornithomimus. In the event of a failed hunt, these lizards could always quench their hunger with plants.

The Tyrannosaurus is the most popular and recognizable dinosaur on the planet. And all thanks to the famous film directed by Steven Spielberg “Jurassic Park”. In the film, the tyrannosaurus is the main villain among prehistoric lizards.

The name of this dinosaur translates as “lizard tyrant.” The Tyrannosaurus was one of the most formidable and violent predators of its time. This lizard was 15 meters long and 7 meters high. If there was an adult man nearby, he could barely reach the knee of a Tyrannosaurus. This dinosaur had a huge jaw, the bite force of which was the greatest among the animals that ever lived on Earth. To feed itself, the Tyrannosaurus had to deal with many less fortunate dinosaurs while hunting.

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