NWDMAN-MADEThe History Of Dengue Fever In Pakistan & The Use Of A Vaccine

The History Of Dengue Fever In Pakistan & The Use Of A Vaccine

pakistan dengue oct 2021

Throughout history, the world has experienced many outbreaks of diseases that have mutated to killing an abnormally large amount of people at a time. These types of pandemics all occur for different reasons but in the past, we did not have the equipment, technology and advanced medication to properly deal with them in the most effective and long-lasting way possible. However, we have come a long way and now the diseases from the past although present today don’t have as much of a devastating effect as in the past. Dengue fever is a great example of such a disease and has been around for a long period of time, with outbreaks seen in man cities across the world, why is it still here and what is being done about it?

The History Of Dengue Fever Pakistan

The most recent dengue outbreak 2021 happened just one month ago in Pakistan. Pakistan has had a history of dengue fever outbreaks that have resulted in a mass amount of deaths and large side effects on its population. The 2011 dengue outbreak in Pakistan killed more than three hundred people and affected over fourteen thousand citizens. Dengue fever is an extremely infectious disease that has affected Pakistan for many decades, however, the high cost involved in controlling the epidemic has meant that Pakistan has been unable to properly manage and control it. On October 17 2012 Dengue fever broke out yet again, killing many Pakistan citizens and causing havoc amongst the city. Dengue in Pakistan 2015 again affected and took much life and has reoccurred every year since. The highly infectious nature of this virus means that when people are in close proximately, sharing work or home spaces, food and drink they are very likely to pass it on to each other and thus many communities that live in the poorer areas are affected at a greater and more uncontrollable rate.

The Dengue Fever Outbreak 2021

2011 dengue outbreak in pakistan

Dengue October 2021 came at a time that was not only bad for Pakistan but for the world as a whole. Today we are living in a global pandemic that has killed and affected many peoples lives but one must not forget that there are still many other diseases going around at the same time. The Pakistan dengue virus is a mosquito-borne viral disease and it is estimated that there are about 100-400 million people affected by it each year.

Dengue Fever Viruses Statistics

The main symptoms of dengue fever include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Rashes
  • Aches and pains
  • Abdominal pain
  • Lethargy

Dengue fever can make you feel quite uncomfortable and leave you in a lot of pain. However, the dengue virus vaccine has been successful in helping to prevent humans from obtaining the virus. As of the year 2021, there is now an effective vaccine that is commercially available to all and is required to be taken before entering countries and cities that are known for experiencing dengue fever outbreaks. The dengue fever incubation period is anywhere between 5-7 days after exposure. This means that your symptoms may only occur much later than when you were actually exposed to the virus and often start off as a feeling of flu. Once the symptoms occur they will usually last anywhere between 2-7 days and this person becomes highest infectious.

october 17 2012 dengue

The Bottom Line

As you can see dengue fever is nothing to joke about. The disease has affected many people lives for many decades and is extremely infectious. Without proper medical care, one cannot survive the effects of the dengue virus and thus lives are lost. Although the dengue fever Brazil, Pakistan and Malaysia are working towards securing a highly effective vaccine, when travelling to these places you must be aware of the areas that are exposed to breakouts and watch for symptoms as not to spread it to other parts of the world.

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