NWDVolcanoesOn Saturday near Semer, Indonesia, Volcano Caused Dead and Injured People

On Saturday near Semer, Indonesia, Volcano Caused Dead and Injured People

Volcano Eruption in Indonesia

Search teams found 14 dead and 56 injured in a volcanic eruption on the island of Java, which occurred on Saturday. A total of 1,300 people were evacuated. Among them are ten sand miners who were previously trapped after the eruption and were rescued.

Local authorities said the eruption destroyed and damaged buildings. Fallen trees lie on the roads, which, like houses, are covered with ash. In particular, in open areas, houses are almost completely covered with ash, and a truck in the yard only shows the upper part of the driver’s cab. It is known that some villagers were able to take their livestock with them during the evacuation, but some of the livestock died from bad weather. There are also some difficulties in evacuating people and conducting search and rescue operations: heavy stones and hot volcanic deposits, as well as a damaged strategic bridge connecting Lumajang with the city of Malang, restrict movement. In addition, volunteer rescuers have no experience in carrying out such work.

At this point, there was issued a warning in Indonesia about the prohibition of people approaching the Semer, since the volcano began to emit hot clouds and lava flows near its rivers.

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