NWDInterestingNumber of Missing after Glacier Slide in India Rises

Number of Missing after Glacier Slide in India Rises

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In the Indian state of Uttarakhand, at least seven people were killed and 170 more are missing as a result of a glacier slide and flooding caused by it. These are the data of the State Disaster Management Center.

The glacier descended the bed of the mountain river in the Himalayas and hit the hydroelectric power plant which led to the flooding. Uttarakhand authorities evacuated some people living downstream of the river. The power plant was destroyed, and there is still no information about the dozens of people who worked on the construction and those who were employed on road and rail projects in the area.

A rescue operation is now underway, and border guards are also involved. Work is underway to retrieve workers from a second mountain tunnel blocked after a glacier slide. There could be at least 30 people in the tunnel. Earlier, 16 workers were rescued from another tunnel, writes TASS.

According to Uttarakhand Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat, a team of geophysicists and glaciologists are expected in the region on Monday to assess the situation of the glaciers.

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