NWDEarthquakesNew Mexico in Danger due to Oil and Gas: Risk of Earthquakes

New Mexico in Danger due to Oil and Gas: Risk of Earthquakes

New Mexico risks of earthquakes

Earlier this fall, several earthquakes struck West Texas, prompting state regulators to designate seismic response zones and call for a reduction in the pumping of wastewater from oil and gas fields into disposal wells. This is a consequence of early forecasts and could lead to a terrible disaster in the coming month. As more and more reports of seismic activity approach state lines, officials in New Mexico are paying close attention and collecting data.

In October, Texas regulators created a second seismic response zone along New Mexico’s southeastern border. Officials noted that there have been more than a dozen earthquakes on the state’s route since January 1, 2020, six of which were recorded this fall. According to Carlsbad Current-Argus, this means that nearly half of the seismic activity in the region since last year has occurred in the last month.

Several induced earthquakes have already taken place and if they do not have time to take all the necessary measures, then the end of November-early December may be remembered by the residents of New Mexico as a terrible disaster!

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