NWDHurricanesNew Aircraft for Hurricane Center in Florida: Is It Worth It

New Aircraft for Hurricane Center in Florida: Is It Worth It

Hurricane Hunter Team Getting New Aircraft

Severe storms in Florida have long become commonplace and authorities have decided to take a more innovative approach to this problem. Florida Hurricane Hunter buys new aircraft to chase extreme storms. The 2022 budget proposal includes $100 million for the purchase of it. The agency has been trying to acquire it since 2019 and hopes that the application would be approved next year. It would be equipped with real-time Doppler radar, a probe reset function, advanced sensors and a place on the wings for installing cloud sensors. The aircraft would also be able to fly at an altitude of 13,106 to 14,935 meters (43,000 to 49,000 feet).

This would not be the first aircraft used by the Center for such purposes, but it is definitely equipped with everything necessary for successful operation. Whether there would be positive results, we will be able to find out only after a while, but it is good that the authorities take new steps every year to combat natural disasters!

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