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Natural Forest Fires

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Fire is one of the most terrible words for humanity. Fire does not spare anyone and destroys everything and feels no obstacles in its path. It exterminates houses, forests, animals, people, buildings, and structures. Forest fire causes are terrible because its scope can stretch for hundreds of meters, affecting the animal, plant, and human dwellings. To contribute to the protection of the forest, we have collected several interesting facts about the causes of wildfires.

We want to contribute to the protection of the forest, so we have collected some interesting facts about the causes of wildfires.

It Takes 1 Ton of Water to Extinguish 1 m² of Peat

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Peat has its own peculiarities that make it very difficult to extinguish in case of fire. It consists of several layers which are formed from the remnants of plant origin, which are not yet completely rotten. If water penetrates into the peat, its weight is much greater than the weight of the peat. When the peat burns, he release the bituminous resins into the atmosphere. When it happens, the peat is no longer filled with water, and form the coke – a substance that requires mechanical action to break it. You need to apply a special technique to prevent natural wildfire because the water will not be able to cope with it.

Dry Grass and Peat Can’t Burn without the Reason

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There are a lot of popular beliefs in mistic reasons behind wildfire. One of the most popular is that dry grass and peat can catch fire from high temperatures in summer. But this is far from being. The natural causes of wildfires take place, but not as often as a fire caused by humans. Natural phenomena such as thunderstorms, sun, or volcanic eruption are not as often the cause of forest fires as cigarette butts thrown in the forest, not extinguished campfire and dry grass burning. Even sparks flying out of the rusty exhaust system of a car can provoke a fire.

Runaway from the Fire to the Safest Place

Many people learned to run from the natural wildfire against the direction of the wind because the fire spreads faster in the wind direction. But no! In case of dry grass burning, the safe place is where it has already burned down, and in case of a forest fire, it is necessary to cross the direction of the wind to leave the fireplace.

What Causes a Wildfire?

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Grass plows, unfortunately, are the most common cause of forest fires. And as a fire in the statistics, they are not counted due to their large number. People have different goals for burning dry grass after winter, but most of them to clean up their land, while others fight pests. It is bad when the forest lands are lit by grass sticks, then not only bugs and spiders suffer, but the whole hectares of forest are burned.

Ravines Do Not Save from the Fire

Fire in ravines and hollows is not as terrible as the gas that is emitted when various combustion products burning. Settling in the ravine, it has a poisonous effect. Therefore, hiding in the ravines during a natural wildfire is dangerous for life.

Forest Fires Cause Huge Damage to the Environment

In addition to all other contaminants in our atmosphere, fires do not contribute to air purification. They degrade the ecological state of the environment, lead to irreversible genetic changes in animals, and destroy the ozone layer of the Earth.

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