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NWDInterestingA Lovely National Meteor Watch Day: Do Not Miss the Best Day for Perseid Meteor Shower

A Lovely National Meteor Watch Day: Do Not Miss the Best Day for Perseid Meteor Shower

meteor watch

Meteor Day Legend

Make a wish when you see a shooting star or meteor! If ancient legend is to be believed, it is sure to come true! In ancient Greece, it was believed that during a star fall, the Gods were watching the Earth and hearing the wishes of the earthlings.

This hypothesis was advanced by the famous astrologer Ptolemy in 127-151 AD. The Greeks passed this belief by word of mouth and it has come down to us. Although modern people no longer believe in the ancient Greek gods, the magic of shooting stars still remains and you can become part of it on Meteor Watch Day 30 June 2021!

What Is the Difference between a Meteorite, Meteor, and Meteoroid?

Before telling you about the day of the meteor watch, let’s start with the simplest explanation: a meteorite.

A meteorite is something that has already fallen to Earth. As long as it’s floating in space, it’s called a meteoroid. Meteoroids are mini asteroids, from 100 feet in diameter and smaller, down to grains of sand. Despite their small size, meteoroids enter the atmosphere at enormous speeds (tens of miles per second) and heat up and leave a brief but bright trail, a phenomenon known as a meteor. This is the kind of natural phenomenon that can be observed on National Meteor Watch Day! The brightest and most noticeable meteors are sometimes called bolides. A multitude of meteoroids caught in our planet’s path cause meteor showers.

Meteor Watch Day 30 June: A Brief History

meteor day

Looking at the night sky, you can see a star fall: luminous dots fly across the sky, leaving a bright trail behind them. This picture of the Meteor Watch Day is fascinating, but it turns out that falling is not stars, but small cosmic bodies. When a lot of stars fall, it means that in the atmosphere of the Earth burns a lot of meteors. This phenomenon is called a meteor shower.

Star fall causes swarms of small cosmic bodies, and they are not just random accumulations of fragments. Such streams move in their own orbits in a slender group. Star showers occur when the orbits of Earth and a meteor shower intersect. Because of the accuracy of the meteor streams in a particular orbit, people can know at what time of year and in what part of the sky there will be a star fall. For example, Meteor Watch Day 2021 is one of these days when people for sure can see star falls!

This famous Perseid meteor shower crosses our planet at the end of June – the beginning of July. Such clusters are named after the constellations from which we think from Earth the meteors fall. Thus, the Perseids fly from the constellation Perseus, while the Leonids fly from the constellation Leo. Meteor showers may appear due to the complete disintegration of comets: for example, instead of the comet Biela, the Andromeda meteor shower is now orbiting. But most often these are parts of the dust tail of these space bodies. Pieces of rock, separated from the core of the comet, in the Earth’s atmosphere flash like a bright star. This is the secret of the beautiful fireworks you can see in the sky on the 30th of June during the best day for the Perseid meteor shower. Looking at this phenomenon next time, you will be surprised to remember that a small cosmic dust particle shines so brightly.

National Meteor Day: How to Observe and Celebrate?

Our blog believes that the best way to celebrate this day is to gather the whole family outside and watch the falling stars with your favorite people! You can have a picnic with your spouse because watching the shooting stars together is so romantic!

Trust us, this activity will put everyone in the mood and you’ll remember this day for the rest of your life!

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