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NWDSpace WeatherNASA: Asteroid could cross Earth’s orbit April 29, 2020

NASA: Asteroid could cross Earth’s orbit April 29, 2020


The terrifying statements about a celestial body flying towards the Earth is just a loud story. Scientists say so.

Indeed, there is an asteroid which trajectory should cross Earth’s orbit at the end of April, but James O’Donogh, space expert, believes that this stone will not destroy humanity.

The asteroid, recorded under code 52768, became known to science back in 1998 and was tagged as an object that will approach Earth.

It is larger than most celestial bodies we encounter, which usually do not exceed 100-200 meters in diameter. NASA predicts that the paths of our planet and the asteroid intersect. It was this scientifically based assumption that made it possible to include the asteroid on the list of “potentially dangerous asteroids” NASA, but the definition of celestial bodies that make this list is very technical..

The asteroid is expected to travel more than dozens of times farther than the Moon moves relative to the Earth. O’Donoghue said the asteroid will be difficult to see without optical aids, but it will be visible through binoculars and in clear skies, although it will not be easy to spot.

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