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Must-Read Books About Natural Disasters

The theme of the end of the world has long stirred the minds of people, and the facts supporting the idea of the approaching apocalypse are becoming more and more. Predictions of the Maya tribe, a meteorite that fell in the Urals, NASA alerts about asteroids flying close to Earth, the acceleration of global warming. No wonder that many writers create a lot of disaster books.

What to read about post-apocalypse? We have prepared books about natural disasters for you, where the authors tell about the life of humanity after global catastrophes. From the invasion of zombies to cyberpunk, from an abandoned planet to high-tech metropolises, from realism to fantasy.

Who knows what may happen in the future? Get acquainted with possible scenarios of events in advance! And even if you don’t believe in such things, you will still be interested to read about the adventures of the heroes in a changing world.

The Stand by Stephen King

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A new version of natural disaster novel, which readers got acquainted within 1978. This time, the exciting story of the flu virus mutation and horrific consequences is complemented by details and explanations of the heroes’ actions, previously unknown facets of characters, and a more detailed storyline.

The book is about the uncompromising struggle between life and death, good and evil. Only those who will see the real enemy and will not lose faith and human qualities will be able to get out of the difficult battle alive. When there is a new danger on the horizon, America’s future fate will be in great doubt.

Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve

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This is the first part of Philip Reeve’s series “Mortal Engines. The world has turned into a post-apocalyptic wasteland, where the strongest survive. Those who give weakness, were hesitant, stopped to catch their breath is waiting to die. There is no “home” left. Once happy metropolises have turned into moving predatory cities. They ruthlessly and rapidly move somewhere, absorbing everything on their way.

In this difficult time, fate brings together Tom and Esther, who now have to wander together in search of salvation and at least a hint of calm. But this is not the main problem. Tom and Esther have learned something that can fundamentally change their world. This knowledge exposes two teenagers to such serious dangers that it seems simply unrealistic to leave the game alive. But they must at least try.

Sakhalin Island by Eduard Verkin

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Sakhalin Island is gloomy, dark, unusually suffocating, and seems to be trying to destroy everything around. And this is where the futurologist girl comes. Her goal is to study the island as best as possible, to be able to predict the future. This is one of the most interesting books about disasters.

The heroine moves between cities gradually get acquainted with the inhabitants of this dubious place, making many new discoveries for herself, which she had never even guessed before. Everything that is happening around her gradually makes its oppressive imprint, and the work – albeit only temporarily – takes second place. Even in all this devastation and poverty, one can find a place for pure and sincere love. And the girl finds it.

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