NWDFloodsMore than 30,000 People Were Left Homeless due to Floods Malaysia

More than 30,000 People Were Left Homeless due to Floods Malaysia

Floods Malaysia

On the 19th of December, more than 30,000 people in Malaysia were forced to flee their homes due to flooding in seven states.

Local authorities have deployed more than 65,000 police, army, and firefighters to help rescue people from flooded cars or streets. Several hundred shelters have also been set up to accommodate all victims. One of the most affected states is Selangor, from which 15,000 people were evacuated. The amount of precipitation on the last day was equivalent to the total amount of precipitation per month under normal conditions. Part of the access roads to the highlands were flooded, which caused some problems with supplies.

The Malaysian Meteorological Department on Sunday night lifted warnings of heavy rains across the country. However, rescue operations are still ongoing!

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