NWDInterestingMore than 100,000 Flamingos Have Arrived in Mumbai

More than 100,000 Flamingos Have Arrived in Mumbai


A record number of flamingos migrated to India’s city of Mumbai, flooding the wetlands. The Bombay Natural Sciences Society (BNHS) has estimated that the number of birds that have migrated to previously crowded areas has exceeded 100,000.

The locals are very enthusiastic about the impressive cluster of flamingos and often take pictures and video of these graceful pink birds. Specialists noted that 25% more flamingos migrated to the region compared to last year, primarily because of decrease in human activity. India has been in strict quarantine since March 25, over a billion people forced to stay home. The government has extended the quarantine until May 18.

Flamingoes usually migrate to wetlands around Mumbai from November to May. Empty coastlines have become places for birds to rest and find food. The increase in flamingoes is also due to a successful breeding season, which was cancelled among these birds 2 years ago.

Scientists say that another reason for the huge accumulation of flamingos in the region is the gradual destruction of wetlands on the eastern coastline of India, it also makes birds look for new habitats.

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